Amber Hale, Health Coach

Hey there, I'm Amber Hale!


I'm a Health Coach and the co-creator of the Beat Belly Bloat program. My husband Chris and I help busy hardworking women (like you!ditch belly bloat so that they can jump-start their weight loss - using the same tools that I have used for myself over the last several years!

We use a combination of fat-burning workouts, delicious healthy recipes, a mini-elimination diet, and accountability during our 4-week program which has produced AMAZING results for the ladies who are committed to their success.

With the Beat Belly Bloat program, our clients have lost fat, reduced belly bloat, gotten rid of eczema, cleared brain fog, regained motivation in the gym, and found confidence after losing inches throughout their body!  

Why we use the elimination diet with our clients to set the foundation for their health:

  • To eliminate obstacles that might prohibit fat loss such as inflammation and food sensitivities.

  • As a health reset from the foods you constantly eat. When you eat the same food all the time without giving your body a break, it may be hard to notice when you have a reaction to a certain food.

  • To discover the foods that give you the most energy and those that drain your energy. Food is fuel!!

  • To reduce eczema, bloating, headaches, brain fog, and help you to start getting the flat belly you have been looking for.

  • It sets the stage for better sleep, improved mood, better digestion and fat loss. Almost every person who follows our plan has lost inches all over and started to reshape their body or lost around 6-7lbs! 

  • When we feel better physically and mentally, we are more motivated to make changes in other aspects of our lives such as with fitness. During our 28 day program, we start our clients out with a workout program that has been designed to set the foundation for your fitness so you can build a habit and set yourself up to be a 24-hour fat-burning machine!

Whether you are looking to lose fat, transform your health with a new fitness routine, need accountability while transforming your health, or are looking to uncover food sensitivities that are making you feel tired and bloated, the 28 Day Beat Belly Bloat program has benefited EVERY single person that has gone through the program in a really big way!

We would love to coach and support you in your health journey! We encourage you to sign up today!

Success Stories

It’s hard to find the right words to express my gratitude to both Amber and Chris. I am a mother of two active little boys (5 and 3) and never seemed to bounce back like all those other mother runners. Last year I ran the Marine Corps Marathon and the Las Vegas Half Marathon. My times were ok, but my energy levels were down and I always felt blah and exhausted. A fellow runner Amanda Brooks (@runtothefinish) mentioned Amber and her 28 Day Beat Belly Bloat on Instagram. I was instantly drawn to Amber and her positive personality. So I decided that for my birthday I would give myself this gift. It was like this program was specifically made for me! From the first day everything clicked for me. I felt better as each day passed and to be honest I was nervous when I had to start adding back my trigger foods. I found out that my beloved coffee wasn’t agreeing with my stomach and that gluten was also sensitivity for me.

So what was the best part? I loved that this program let me continue to train for my Spring Half Marathon. I had more energy than ever before! I also loved the added strength training portion. Usually I just run and do Pilates, but I forget how important doing a strength program is for runners. And let’s be honest who doesn’t want The Chris Abs? Have you seen them? That is actually my next goal and as you can see from my photos I’m not far from it! I lost weight (7lbs, which I was shocked about) and inches and most importantly got my energy back. It’s all there for you in an easy to follow program. I’m not a great cook, so I could follow Amber’s plan and not feel like I had to be an amazing cook.

Do I think the 28 Day Beat Belly Bloat is worth it? YES!!! Having Amber and Chris there by your side through this process is priceless. They are there to answer questions, hold you accountable, and most of all support you. Honestly, I now consider them friends! They are my biggest supporters. I love this community and how it can connect us with amazing people.

Thank you Amber and Chris from the bottom of my heart!
— Jamie B., New Brunswick, Canada

I started the beat belly bloat program because I had been battling inflammation and thyroid issues. I’ve tried to lose weight and couldn’t so I really had nothing to lose. No pun intended. I eat fairly clean for the most part and have been avoiding gluten because of my thyroid. This program rocked my world. I loved the workouts Chris put together and the book with all the recipes that Amber did is amazing. I will admit it didn’t follow the program 100% but with that being said I lost 7 1/2 pounds. Had I been diligent with the program I’d lost probably 12 to 15 pounds. I am as motivated as ever with my results to continue on with this program to get off the pounds that I haven’t been able to get off in the past. I’m ready for phase 2 Amber and Chris.
— Lisa T., Oklahoma

Amber’s program uses the best method to determine your food allergies. With her support, I was able to nail down the root cause of my eczema, which has plagued me since I was a teen. Her program combines both nutrition and exercise to give you the best possible results!
— Chris T., Texas
4 week soy, dairy and gluten-free meal plan