Life as a sailor

Spending several years as a sailor and being on board, I can conclude that life in the sea is splendid. Maybe I am a little obsessive with the sea, but hey! That’s who I am. I have never felt tired of the sea life; apart from of course being away from my family as the only immense con. Does my whole life revolve around the ocean, sea vessels and everything that deals with it? Probably yes. We have what we like doing so why not try being around the sea?

I know they are several other people out there who share my sentiments. Taking an example of E.B White, he was a dedicated sailor and often writes several articles and journals about the need to be on the sea. He once stated that, if one has to be fixated about something, it should be a water vessel. Let’s find out what it takes to be a sailor.

To begin with, it feels blissful to be around the ocean or sea. Every day of a sailor is a day to witness the stunning seascapes of tranquil and serene oceans. It feels good to wake up every morning and find yourself floating on an enormous vessel in some place you can’t tell. It is always a moment to enjoy being out of the world civilizations, noise, and air pollution.

You may ask, don’t these sailors get bored living around an enclosed space with little choices to make? The answer is absolutely no. You cannot afford to be bored in the sea, and of course, you have a lot to focus. As a ship attendant particularly a boatswain, you have a lot of responsibilities in the vessel you cannot afford to assume. When I am not working, it is an excellent time to spend time reading books and blogs, working out, playing indoor games, video games, socializing with other sailors and also enjoying wonderful meals.

Despite all the enjoyable stuff, sailing offers it also comes with a few negative comebacks. Some of them are the rough weather conditions, storms and dealing with pirates. Despite having accurate and modernized weather forecasting systems, at times they are hostile sea conditions that comprise high pitching and rolling that makes it intricate to work or even sleep. Piracy is one of the worst experiences on the sea and is highly watched, controlled by observing stern anti-piracy procedures and measures to ensure safety.

Missing family and friends who are not on board is another disadvantage that tackling it proves hard at times but thanks to the technology we can be connected. Leaving behind loved ones in every endeavor causes terrible feelings, and we can all do nothing about it. Being on board, we use Skype, video chat as much as we can to keep the connection. Most shipping companies also offer family carriage. As sailors, carrying a wife, girlfriend, husband, boyfriend and even kids on board is one of the undeniable bliss. The family gets the advantage of boarding and roaming around the ports, and also you have them at all times.