Marine Water Tank Maintenance Tips

Boat owners have all kinds of specific responsibilities. They have to take care of the vessel and clean and maintain it after every sailing. A good sailor knows about spit and polish. I learned all about that in the Navy. It pays to have a few friends to help out. You can pay them back with a cool picnic on the water. The masts have to be check for possible repairs and the sails for rips and tears. Boat insurance must be in good order to cover the time at sea or in the slip. Not surprisingly, boats can be stolen or vandalized. They can be crashed into by wayward operators who aren’t minding the store. Perhaps too much beer on board.  It is a pricy hobby given all the requirements. But they lead to a good time, so I do them with pleasure.

One of the customary chores is to maintain the marine water tank. I make sure that it is in good working order and has a proper whole house water filter to maximize health. Impurities are a no no at sea because you are often far from the shore and a sudden sickness from bacteria, for example, will have no immediate remedy. It is not a good position to be in, especially if you are the only one on board.

I have my regular routine. It accompanies my boat log and radio maintenance that are done before I go out as opposed to after the fact. Thus, there is preparation and then there is cleanup. The first one is the most fun. By the way, of course I carry bottled water all the time, but more is needed, such as when I swab the decks. I have run out of water before on very hot days and had to resort to the reservoir to make it back to shore in one piece. No one wants to show up at the dock dried and shriveled from a day in the sun with no hydration.

Boating is a sport for the ambitious. You have to want the extraordinary experience on the water and a keen sense of adventure. It is not for the faint at heart. There is a lot of skill and work involved. Sure, changing a water filter is a no brainer, but there all kinds of chores that must be learned to be performed up to par.

I have been doing it so long that I forget what it takes and friends on board need a lot of instruction to be of help. Nonetheless, I love the special kind of entertaining involved and relish the pleasure it brings to everyone who joins me at the helm.