Part of a Team Again

You must be a fan of sailing and/or a boat operator since you have found my blog. I am more than fan; some say I am borderline obsessive. So join the fun of a pastime close to my heart. I got hooked as a Navy boatswain and went on to run a fishing charter boat. For me, fishing is a profession and a recreational activity that everyone should try. I hope to convey some of the thrill of my experiences, then and now. If you want a new hobby that is challenging and exciting, get out on the water.

Sailing can be a solitary endeavor much of the time. You enjoy the forward movement of your boat as it progresses through the water on its way to a silent destination. When you get there, you can’t wait to sail back home. It is all about the travel. You can always take a break for a rest or a quick meal and then resume your work as a lone sailor in search of adventure. Water is the ultimate soother and also the paradigm of relaxation, that is until the wind perks up and you start barreling along. I wish I could share it with others more often. I need to talk it up to attract interest.

I miss the camaraderie of the Navy and being part of a team effort. To tackle the loneliness, I joined an adult basketball team, so I can share free time with my buddies. Maybe I will lure them into a bit of sailing with me for a different kind of group experience. I had to go out and buy a whole lot of equipment to get started, and there were a lot of choices that I needed to make, like the differences between an indoor and outdoor basketball. Meanwhile, basketball is dynamic and challenging and great for the spirit, not to mention the ego when you make those difficult shots amid all the fighting and scrambling for access to the ball. I have enjoyed basketball for years as a spectator sport, and I even have a portable TV on board my boat during playoffs. That is what you call a diehard.

So sailing and basketball are dual aspects of my athletic life. There is a time for one or the other depending upon the weather conditions and time of year. Most spring and summer days, you will find me on the water contemplating the next basketball game. How’s that for merging your favorite hobbies. Sailing lends itself to daydreaming until it is time to man the sails and take charge of Mother Nature. She always delivers and never fails to disappoint. You never know what she has in store for the adventurous sailor looking for excitement and pure joy.