But is She Sea Worthy?

I am an inveterate sailor through and through. While I do love a grand sailboat, or even a yacht now and then, I can make do with anything that floats. Just for sport, the other day I acquired an old metal boat that needed a bit of repair. Sure, I want to get on the water fast, but I am not loathe to wield a torch and undertake a metal project. I hope I have the goods to get it seaworthy. It’s time to get out the old metal shop primer from my dad and try my luck. I could watch a few explainer videos for extra security in executing the task.  It will be fun to see if this well-worn item has any life left in it.

Do it yourself projects are few and far between for me. I am not a stay-at-home guy. I prefer to do something outdoors and active that entails a blue sky and white clouds. If I am on a body of rippling water, I am relaxed and in the zone. Practical matters like repairing a boat interfere with my passion. However, there is a time and a place for working in the garage with a trusty MIG welder. I have had one for years, another gift from my handyman dad. Little did he know what I would eventually do with it. I thought it was for looks!

The metal areas of the boat were rusty for sure and the repairs were fairly minor. I didn’t need any real skill to get the job done. I used the garden hose to test the seams, and by golly, they held. No water escaped, and the vessel was ready for a test run. I was proud of my handiwork and stowed the welder away for future necessity. I don’t expect to use it anytime soon. After all, how often do you buy an old boat? Now this one is small, like a rowboat, suitable for kids. I might lend it to my neighbor for his teenagers, who like to go out on the lake. They can even put the thing on the top of their SUV. Their mom could pack a nice lunch and fills a thermos, and they would be set for the day. I should follow suit,  but this was more of a hobby or craft and not a serious job.

The four-year-old next door likes to sit in it and hold the oars. At least it has some immediate use, like a play pen. The oars are too big, of course, and the tot struggles to reach them. I love the cute kiddy simulation of what this restored boat can do. This calls for my own YouTube video. Things with kids almost always go viral. I’ll give it a go.