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Online and In-Person Personal Training in Denver

Chris is a lifesaver. Seriously. He helped me identify my goals and clearly laid out a plan to help me achieve them. I have worked out with multiple trainers over the years and Chris is BY FAR the best! He is all of the things a trainer should be – motivating, knowledgeable, results-driven, and responsive. But more importantly, he is everything you wish everyone was - joyful, funny, insightful, patient and understanding. One of things that sets Chris apart is that he follows up with you, even when you’re not at the gym, to make sure you’re hitting your goals. There’s no question that I am more fit today than I’ve ever been, thanks to Chris. I highly recommend him, without reservation.

-Peter J. Poljan, New York, NY

Crush your fitness goals with a Personal Trainer in Denver, CO!

Chris Hale, Personal Trainer in Denver and Lakewood, CO

Are you looking to lose weight, gain muscle, and get the body of your dreams? 

I help my clients understand the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of performing certain exercises. I want you to have that mind body connection, not only do I want you to feel strong, but I also want you to have more energy and look your very BEST. Together we will focus on how weight work, cardiovascular training, and nutrition all work together to achieve your goals. It is my goal to help you build a stronger, fitter, leaner and more balanced body!

I offer both 1-on-1 and partner training sessions at private gym locations in Denver or in the privacy of your home/building gym. Packages are available in 8, 12, 20 or 30 sessions. Your training program will include an in-depth personal training assessment where we will determine your new regimen which will be tailored specifically to you depending on your personal goals, your current health and lifestyle.

Denver Training Locations:

  • 900 W 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80223

  • Lakewood near Wadsworth & 6th

  • On location at your home or apartment gym


What's Included in Your Program:

  • Movement and postural analysis to determine if corrective exercises are needed

  • Body composition assessment

  • A tailored training program that suits your goals and needs

  • Nutritional guidance to help your achieve personal goals

Chris’ Certifications:

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Certified Personal Trainer

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine - Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Kettlebell Level 1 & 2 Certified


About Chris Hale:

Chris Hale is an NASM certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist who has gone through his own amazing personal body transformation over the last 10 years. He has helped support his clients, both men and women, to achieve their dream bodies in New York City, Denver and online clients worldwide. Read what Chris’ clients have said about him throughout the years in the reviews below.

Your success in achieving your health and fitness goals is 100% my focus. My job is to provide you with the tools and the map to success with ongoing weekly support. Your job is to follow through and put the plan into action! As a team, we will work together to achieve your dream body! 

Online Personal Training in Your Pocket

Your Online Personal Training Program Will Include:

  • Goal setting and accountability to help get you to success.

  • The convenience of working out on your own schedule, never have to "schedule" time with a personal trainer again!

  • Initial Skype/Facetime fitness assessment and movement screening to assess postural or movement issues for injury prevention. Follow-ups  as needed. 

  • Tailored monthly workout program with adjustments made as needed based on your progress.

  • Workouts delivered to an easy-to-use app on your smartphone for easy tracking.

  • Progress photos and measurement analysis that is tracked in-app so we can track your progress.

  • Unlimited email or in app messaging support.

  • Not sure if you are doing an exercise correctly? Unlimited exercise form video analysis from Chris whenever you need it.

  • 15-20 min check-in calls as needed.

  • Supplement guidance to support your goals.

Online Personal Training $249 per month



What's Included in Your Personal Training App?

  • An updated weekly training calendar

  • Personalized workouts delivered right to your phone (iPhone or Android)

  • In-app integration with popular programs and devices such as MyFitnessPal, Withings Scale and FitBit as well as Facebook and Twitter so you can share your completed workouts! 

  • Direct Skype and in-app messaging to ask questions, get feedback or video chat

  • Workout tracking to keep a record of the weights used for each exercise and track your personal bests

  • Stats and graphs tracking your weight and body measurements as well as side-by-side progress photo comparisons

  • Timer to help you keep track of rest breaks between sets

  • Instructions or video for each exercise given so you know exactly how to perform each workout

What Clients Are Saying About Chris

Chris is the best! He’s extremely knowledgeable and really ties in anatomy to the workouts. Not only does Chris keep me motivated when tackling exercises, he teaches me the right technique and focus areas for each so that I can keep doing these exercises independently. I’ve noticed great strength progress working with him as he’s really focused and always comes ready with a plan for the day. Plus - Chris is personable & the workouts are always fun!
— Anna, Denver, CO

Chris is a legend! I‘be learned more about proper weight lifting in the past few weeks working with Chris than the past 10+ years.
— Michael, Denver, CO

I started working out with Chris shortly after sustaining an injury. Chris helped me work around the injury and also gave me a lot of exercises to help strengthen and heal while at home. Chris is a living encyclopedia of biomechanics and nutrition. If you want to go deep, whether it is movement or macros, he is the guy to talk too. He’s also very likable and pleasant to be around which makes work outs more fun. Training after a long hiatus can be intimidating, but Chris alleviates a lot of that anxiety with his affable personality. On top of this, he helped me lose body fat while getting stronger, which was my main goal in training with him. I highly recommend Chris if you are seeking a trainer or nutrition expert.
— Aki, Denver, CO

Chris was a game-changer for both my husband and me. He’s knowledgeable, thoughtful, and creates a training experience tailored to your exact goals. We couldn’t have asked for a better personal trainer and are incredibly grateful for the gains we made during our time with him. If you’ve been searching for a quality trainer who will help you meet your fitness, exercise, and wellness goals, you can stop looking. You’ve found him!
— Jamie, Denver, CO

Chris is an amazing personal coach ! He has the perfect balance between positive energy, patience and encouragement. The program is tailored for me based on my goal and current limitation. We took the time to see what I could do and why I was experiencing some back and neck pain. We worked on mobility and strength. I really feel that I’m working out to my best. I can feel the progress week after week. Chris is also very knowledgeable and I really appreciate him taking the time to clearly explained what we’re doing and why. I always understand the relationship between our goal and the exercises. I’m always excited to go training now!
— Maxime, Denver, CO

Chris has been a genuinely life-changing personal trainer. When I first was seeking a personal trainer I did expect to have such a positive and well-rounded experience that has so quickly given me hope and immediate progress towards my independent health inside and outside the gym, both mental and physical. Chris has worked with me in only the most effective, kind, respectful, and professional way and I see myself getting closer to my goals after each week with him. He really listens and provides workouts and meal plans that work for you as an individual. He is incredibly clear, patient, knowledgeable, and motivating and takes any doubts or confusion that surround food and exercise and helps you to understand that there is a way to live comfortably and confidently around both. His approach to training is sustainable, personal to your needs, and has made me excited to be better. I’m really thankful for Chris and I recommend him to anyone whose looking to reach their fitness/overall health goals.
— Bridgette, Denver, CO

Chris has been an absolutely wonderful positive impact in my life over the last few months. Chris has helped me build not only strength but also confidence through very specific training programs that he built based on my strengths and weaknesses. I started working with him because I was recovering from ACL surgery and not seeing progress with my PT routine, I am continuing to work with Chris because his positive attitude and constant support has made me feel more confident than I ever have before. Chris worked hard to make me comfortable in a gym (something that I have never been) and build a program that I could keep up with. He not only talks me through each move to make sure I understand how it’s supposed to feel but makes sure that I feel confident doing these workouts on my own. I cannot recommend Chris enough for his tireless patience, complete knowledge, and ability to have a positive impact on anyone’s life.
— Alicia, Denver, CO

Chris is an absolute rockstar! I feel so lucky to have him as a personal trainer. From the moment I met him he made me feel so at ease and got me really excited about my fitness journey and wellness goals. He doesn’t offer a cookie cutter workout or eating plan; rather, he truly listens to you and figures out exactly what will work for YOU, which is something I’ve always wanted. He always motivates me to put in my best effort, and he’s tough, but in a way that is never off-putting or belittling. He’s a genuinely nice guy who cares about his clients!
— Stacie, Denver, CO

Chris is amazing! After having two babies I called to inquire about what he does as a personal trainer. He gave me lots of information about his training and how he could help me with post baby weight. He didn’t fail me! He had me on such a great workout routine that he changed up weekly or by weekly depending on if my knee was acting up or not. Which was another thing he focused on helping me work around, my knee injury. He also had a diet regimen that worked well for me, but I still had some issues with food so he helped me with an elimination diet.... turns out I have a few sensitivities. I would have Never known about if it weren’t for Chris! He was very knowledgeable and checked in frequently to a make sure I was doing ok with everything and that I was still on track. I would 100% recommend Chris as a personal trainer And his wife Amber as a health coach. I have done a few of her programs to reboot my system. The take away from Amber is she knows her stuff! She was able to get me back on a good healthy lifestyle after my wedding and created the easiest plan to follow.
— Chloe R., Denver, CO

Chris is extremely knowledgeable and pays close attention to detail in a way that is personalized to my body type and health history. He’s great at looking at your physical wellness holistically, not just your short-term goals. Highly recommended!
— Kaitlyn, Denver, CO

I have been working with Chris for a year and have seen amazing results! My body shape has changed, my energy levels are increased and I feel confident again! What makes Chris different from other trainers is that he really gets to know your body type and provides meal plans and workouts to best work with your body. He is motivating and kind and really cares about his clients.
— Catherine A., Denver, CO

Chris is an amazing personal trainer. He’s always on time, super positive and knowledgeable and has a great variety of personalized workouts that expands every week. I have worked with him for almost half a year and I have had great results! My conditioning, strength, flexibility, energy, and coordination have all drastically improved. I wish I could give him 6 stars.
— Nick H., Denver, CO

I went to Chris with a specific set of goals that needed to be achived in a few months: lose belly fat, lean out and gain muscle and strength at the same time. I am happy to report that all my goals were achieved with his focus on training and nutrition.

I really enjoyed the discipline and the camaraderie we had in the gym. He showed me proper form for every exercise and introduce new routines for me. I was able to drop 9 lbs and gain muscle at the same time. Since our training, I’ve been able to increase my intensity and strength at the gym. I even switched to working out in the mornings before work.

I recommend training with Chris because he produces results. I would recommend everyone from beginner to experienced lifters to train with him.

People should know that training with Chris is intense, fun and will change your body for the better!!
— Philip T., New York, NY

Chris clearly has a full schedule of loyal trainees, however, he never once let onto that when it came to personal attention, genuine understanding of goals and individual needs, answering every question thoroughly with investigation if needed, and making himself available to give the push that I often asked of him. He immediately set me up on a self­sustaining lifting regimen, which he tailored each time I saw him to how I was progressing and based on my own feedback. In our sessions I would often hit personal records in my lifts, which usually happened when Chris’ guidance and confidence in my being able to do something was what drove me to make it happen.

Chris’ experience and knowledge is not easily parallelled. In addition to personalizing my workouts and taking the time to adjust my program over time outside of our session time, Chris helped me get back on track and gain more control of my eating habits. I was already tracking my macros, however, Chris improved my numbers and always stood by to answer any and all related questions, giving me confidence that I was consistently supported. From his adjustments, adjunct to his training program, I was able to see real results in BOTH weight loss and strength gain! My muscles were more defined, and I was lifting progressively heavier, making me feel proud and accomplished. In a world where many trainers you come across have a big game to talk but little experience or knowledge, Chris is absolutely a pot of gold. His character I describe as humble, compassionate, genuine, accomplished, and paired with his full expertise and insatiable drive, he makes it his mission to help each trainee make results happen. As a trainee you can take away what you are willing to put in, and Chris was always able to tell me why and how techniques of training were being used. This was important for me, and both made me feel better equipped to follow his process and also made me feel like we were a team in this together with common understanding.

Thank you Chris, for your continued support and friendship even after I moved away from NYC. You truly changed my relationship with training and what my body and mind are capable of. You continue to be someone I know I can count on when I have questions about training or nutrition, and I am always excited from the sidelines when you update me on your latest bodybuilding and life achievements. You are a true influencer, my friend.
— A. Hoffman, Washington, D.C.

I hated all my physical education classes in school. I was afraid of the gym, in general. I never felt very comfortable there, and I was afraid of all the personal trainers because it looked like a bunch of burly men sweating and yelling in the corner. Also, I was afraid a trainer would do something horrible, like pinch by belly and then make me do 100 pushups. In short, I was afraid hiring a personal trainer would be a lot of yelling and no fun, and that there was a high possibility I would be made to feel bad about myself and I would immediately want to quit.

I love the gym now. I love all those big weights and grunting men. I love being able to lift more weight than most of those guys. On a practical side, I have more muscles mass, tone and mobility, but the real benefit is that I’m now stronger than everyone I know.

Before I started working with Chris, I felt weak, and I thought maybe that was the way I would always feel. But now I know that I can crush anything. Literally. Like with my bare hands. I am more than strong; I am powerful.

Chris is just fun to be around. It’s a delight to work with him, even when he’s making me do crunches. If I want real fitness science, he’ll explain it to me, but he’ll also turn our workouts into a game so that I’m mentally and physically engaged.

I like that Chris is respectful of my body and my feelings. He keeps the focus on what I want to accomplish with my body, rather than it’s appearance. He won’t push me unless I need to be pushed, and he’ll work with whatever my goals are. He’s also a genius at figuring out what will keep me motivated, whether it’s a Katy Perry soundtrack or a serious discussion about my goals.

I hired Chris because I needed to supplement my aerial silks training. All I expected was to gain some strength; I didn’t expect that he would turn me into a Viking Warrior Princess capable of dominating everything in her path.

If you’re not working out with Chris, you’re wasting your time and money.
— Laura von Holt, Co-Founder,, New York City

I absolutely loved training with Chris. He is such a kind, sweet person who is always encouraging and never beats you down. I learnt to push myself harder and do things that I never imagined I would be able to do physically. Training with Chris helped keep me accountable in my workouts and continue to keep on striving to be better. He also taught me to be kinder with myself. Chris keeps constant contact and makes you feel like he really cares about your wellbeing, not only your physical aptitude but everything else too.

If you want to get in shape with a real pro who knows what he is doing, mixes things up often and keeps you working hard while really genuinely caring about you, then Chris is the guy to go to. I recommend him to anyone, young, old, someone wanting to lose weight or step it up to another level, because I’m sure he can help with everything.
— Chloe G., New York, NY

I’ve worked with Chris for over five years, through a wedding, two pregnancies and the post-pregnancy body battle. Quite simply: he rocks and has gotten me in the best shape of my life. Personally, I need a trainer who will push and encourage me but straddles the fine line of neither barking instructions drill sergeant style nor letting me get away with ‘being tired (i.e. lazy).’

Chris nails that. I was absolutely one of those women who thought that if I used heavy (and trust me, ‘heavy’ is relative) weights that I’d magically bulk into the hulk and be prepped for body building competitions (I apparently gave myself a lot of credit). Chris taught me that heavier weights transform your body. Not only did I see a huge change, but I felt like a serious badass when all of my friends were picking up the safe 5 lb weights to do bicep curls at the gym and he showed me that I was capable of doing 15 — nine months pregnant.

Chris’ biggest fault is that he won’t move to LA and continue kicking my ass (and I say that with love) when we move out there. I just had a baby, and he kept me fit, safely, through my pregnancy and has been an amazing trainer, nutrition expert and therapist as I’ve started the slow process of getting my body back post partum.

He’s patient, kind, encouraging, and most importantly effective. Chris keeps an impeccable record of my training - going back years, and really knows the physiological and neurological effects of working out. He’s the best.
— Jaime F., Los Angeles, CA

Training with Chris was surprisingly enjoyable! I had a prior trainer a few years back and didn’t have a great experience but by contrast Chris not only made it fun to workout, I always felt challenged and could easily see improvement. He was encouraging throughout and it built my motivation to workout.
— Y. Arenas, New York, NY

My challenge to Chris, made when I was 44, was that I would be the fittest 50 year old I know. In other words, I asked him to find the fountain of youth. We worked together for five years, through major surgery and a business travel schedule that disrupts the consistency that all aspirants to eternal youth need. I need no external motivation to kayak, run, bike or walk, but everyone over 40 knows that irregularly over-doing cardio doesn’t keep you well and creates its own special hell of minor injuries.

Chris re-introduced me to long-neglected muscles through exercises I would never have tried on my own, showed me how I compensate for my weaknesses and asymmetries, rather than working on them, and has kept me honest and ambitious at the squat rack and bench press. He has a clear eye for alignment and dogged attention to his clients, even late in a day of training. Throughout, I have enjoyed his company, his cheer-leading and good humor.
— Fiona C., New York, NY

Chris Hale is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. Always in good spirits and focused on the work, he asked lots of questions to assess my goals and built a plan that targeted those goals across weight training, cardio, and diet. He checked in regularly and was always positive and enthusiastic. With Chris, I pushed myself harder than I ever had before, and I saw results I never had before. His approach is thorough, balanced and results-oriented. I learned a lot about muscle groups, diet and cardio from Chris, as well as how my body works and responds to various approaches. His knowledge is broad and he shares it freely.

I’d recommend Chris to nearly anyone looking to get into better shape, from competitive bodybuilders to casual athletes looking to trim up for summer. He’s versatile and friendly but stays focused on your goals and improving your overall health and fitness. And on days when I was not in the mood, he always knew how to get a good workout out of me!
— Tony O., New York, NY